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Westbrook is widely considered to be the best place to both live and have fun in Night City, with the richest and most influential members of the city living here.


Westbrook was not always as exclusive as it is today; after the nuclear attack on Arasaka, part of Westbrook sustained huge amounts of damage, with many of the skyscrapers there spending over two decades as nothing but empty hulls.

The Asian corporations invested huge amounts of money into restoring the area, ripping out the ruins and replacing it with an ultra-secure, exclusive living area. North Oak, which was once an area with higher crime rates than any other district, has been turned into the home of the untouchable elite of Night City, such as corporate directors, managers, and executives.

With the aid of mercenaries, order has been restored, and there are no longer any gangs present in the area. It is normal for residents to have private security forces to not only protect their homes, but accompany them through the beautiful streets, lined with luxurious cars, private villas, and more.

For those who cannot afford to live in North Oak, Charter Hill is an alternative, but it barely touches the elite area in grandeur. This area of the district is focused on mass housing, ensuring quantity over quality. The wealthier members of society who must live here often splurge on bodyguards, armoured vehicles, and private security features to ensure their safety.

Westbrook is not just about residency, however; Japantown offers the perfect destination to burn money, with its countless gaming parlors, street food stands, and capsule hotels.



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