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The Watson District is the first out of the six districts in Night City that players visit. There is a large immigrant presence in this district, with many of the buildings having strong Asian influences.


Watson was once an area with a thriving nightlife scene, corporate offices, and the biggest black market in Night City; it was so promising that the main competitors of Arasaka invested billions into reforging the district, attempting to make it a self-sustaining, prosperous hub for their corporations, but the return of Arasaka destroyed those dreams.

They bled the corporations dry, completely runining any chance of financial investment in the area, and the former dreams of their competitors were forced to crumble, along with Watson itself. The Northside Industrial District, once a hub of tech-based jobs and infrastructure, collapsed, unable to sustain the jobs that supported the people of Watson.

Arasaka filled the void that their competitors had left, but only to satisfy their own interests: they took over the Waterfront, but abandoned the rest of the area to become what is now little more than a battleground between gangs.

Gangs in Watson

The Maelstrom gang, who command the industrial areas to the north, and the Tyger Claws, who control Little China and the surrounding area, are stuck in a constant battle, with Watson as their playground.

Within the Tyger Claws' territory, you can find the Kabuki Market, a maze of alleys that turn into a bazaar for everything shady you could hope to buy, such as organs, implants, and more. The presence of such a market has also attracted the Scavs, a ruthless gang that harvests organs from unsuspecting people and sells them on the black market in Watson.

Arasaka Corporation in Watson

Despite the area being as dangerous as it is, the Arasaka Corporation holds the waterfront and has restricted any access to it, unless you are a member of the corporation.



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