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Crafting and upgrading in Cyberpunk 2077 allows V to create or upgrade guns, ammo, and a plethora of other potential items and consumables. With the upgrade system, V can potentially hold on to a specific weapon for most of the game.

Crafting or Upgrading an Item

You'll need an item's Crafting Spec and the necessary components to craft or upgrade it.

Crafting Specs can be looted, bought from vendors or acquired by leveling up your skills. A Crafting Spec's color indicates the rarity of the item you're crafting.

  • Common and Uncommon items can be crafted from the start of the game.
  • To craft Rare items, you'll need the True Craftsman perk, for Epic items the Grease Monkey perk, and for Legendary items the Edgerunner Artisan perk.

Crafted items will usually be of better quality than those found for sale. Their stats are determined by your Engineering Skill level.

Crafting Preview for the Jinchu-Maru

Whenever you gain an Iconic item, you will automatically receive Crafting Specs of that same item for different rarities and improved stats. You can also upgrade any weapon in your possession with the help of components, which will increase your weapon's stats.

Crafting Rare, Epic, and Legendary Items

In order to craft items of a higher quality, you will need to have sufficient attribute points spent in the Technical Ability attribute, as well as chosen the perks associated with each craft.

  • True Craftsman (Rare) - Requires Level 5 Technical Ability, costs 1 perk point.
  • Grease Monkey (Epic) - Requires Level 12 Technical Ability, costs 1 perk point.
  • Edgerunner Artisan (Legendary) - Requires Level 18 Technical Ability, costs 1 perk point.

Crafting Materials

Crafting materials of all levels are obtained via three methods.

  • Disassemble items in your inventory.
  • Purchase materials from vendors.
  • Loot materials from the ground or slain enemies.

Crafting Perks

There are certain perks within the Technical Ability attribute that allow you to gain bonus crafting materials. They all belong to the Crafting perk tree of Technical Ability.

  • Mechanic - Gain more components when disassembling.
  • Workshop - Disassembling items grants a chance to gain a free component of the same quality as the disassembled item.

There are also perks that reduce the cost of crafting items or give you the chance to craft items for free. They all belong to the Crafting perk tree of Technical Ability.

  • Cost Optimization - Reduces component cost of crafting items.
  • Efficient Upgrades - Grants a chance to upgrade an item for free.
  • Ex Nihilo - Grants a chance to craft an item for free.
  • Let There Be Light! - Reduces the component cost of upgrading items.