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Cyberpunk 2077 is a FPS Action-Adventure game and there are multiple forms of combat in the game, mostly focusing on the use of either guns or melee weapons to defeat enemies. There are exceptions to this, of course, such as quickhacks.

General Combat

Players are able to equip 3 weapons at any given time, with the freedom to swap them out with other weapons in their inventory at any time.

Just as with many other FPS games, you are able to aim down your sights, use cover to protect yourself, and ammo is not an unlimited resource.

Melee Combat

Cyberpunk 2077 has specific attributes and skill trees that lend themselves towards the use of melee combat over guns, whether with fists, cybernetic augments, or melee weapons.

In the game, you are able to perform the following moves in melee combat:

  • Fast Attack
  • Strong Attack
  • Block
  • Counterattack
  • Defensive Attack
  • Jump Attack
  • Slide Attack
  • Sprint Attack
  • Crouch Attack
  • Quickdraw Attack (with a Katana)

Vehicle Combat

Vehicle combat is restricted to missions and, as of yet, there is no way for players to engage in any use of weapons while driving. When the game eventually receives multiplayer, it is assumed that passengers will be able to draw a weapon, but it is not certain.

Currently, the only format of vehicle combat related to guns is leaning out of the window as a passenger and shooting.

There are specific missions where you gain access to guns while in a car via link, such as the missions with Panam Palmer, but these are not considered as regular vehicle combat.

Stealth Combat

Stealth combat in Cyberpunk 2077 is directly supported by a number of skill trees, but there are a few finer points.

Enemies in Combat States

Stealth combat cannot be used on enemies that are already in combat. This means that, you cannot use a takedown on an enemy that is either actively attacking something or is approaching the last known location of its target.

When an enemy cannot locate its target, it will fall back to an Alerted State and begin patrolling the area to search for the threat, making it more difficult to sneak around them. If an enemy finds a body, they will remain in a permanent Alerted State.


Enemies patrolling an area follow a pattern that can be observed and used to your advantage. Some devices allow you to distract enemies and divert them from their path. An enemy who is distracted will have a white outline.

Noises such as human footsteps or silenced gunshots can also alert an enemy, who will then try to locate the source. Louder noises such as a combat-initiating shout or a dying shout will make enemies enter an Alerted State or enter directly into combat.

Grappling and Takedowns

You can grapple enemies that are unaware of your presence by sneaking up behind them. You then have a choice, either a lethal or non-lethal takedown. The enemy will struggle to free themselves from your grip, and the longer you hold them increases their chances to break free. Your Body level, as well as certain Perks, can allow you to grapple enemies for longer.

You cannot grapple higher-level enemies marked as a skull; although you cannot grapple higher-level enemies and bosses, you can still perform stealth takedowns on them. It is difficult to remain concealed from them, but using certain abilities, combat gadgets, and environmental factors to your advantage may help. Some bosses may require more than one takedown to be defeated.

Enemies and security systems may notice and react to unconcealed bodies you leave behind. Make sure to dump the bodies in appropriate hiding locations (e.g. dumpsters) or otherwise in areas that are not easily visible to enemies. If you perform a takedown near a container, you will automatically put the body in there, but they have a space capacity and can only hold so many bodies.