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Yorinobu Arasaka is the current heir to the Arasaka corporate empire, as well as the youngest and only surviving son of Saburo Arasaka. After cutting ties with his father and attempting to take down the Arasaka Corporation from the outside, he realised that his only chance of destroying it would be from within.

In-Game Bio

The son of Saburo Arasaka, leader of the world's biggest arms manufacturing corporation. Ever since his young, rebellious years, there's been a lot of friction between Yorinobu and his father, though as to why - that's anyone's guess. Known for his difficult personality and controversial opinions, he doesn't fulfill any important role in Arasaka. Despite his urgent calls for change in the corporation, Yorinobu doesn't really want to take the helm - being a billionaire is currently much more fun.



The story of Yorinobu Arasaka is riddled with controversy and embarassment for his family; he was always fighting against his father's rule over the Arasaka Corporation and, after an argument with him, left the company altogether.

Yorinobu went on to help found two gangs with the sole purpose of opposing the Arasaka Corporation and any other Japanese company with the same ambitions as his father had: the Steel Dragons and the Iron Lotus.

Despite his years of fighting the power of his father, Yorinobu realised that it was useless to continue: the Arasaka Corporation was simply too strong to be destroyed from the outside. Instead, he used his close relationship to his sister, Hanako Arasaka, to find his way back into the family.


Stealing the Relic

In an attempt to disrupt the operations of his father, Yorinobu stole the Relic, the cutting-edge technology that was being developed by the Arasaka Corp. His initial aim was to sell it to Netwatch, but was convinced to talk to his father.

Death of Saburo Arasaka

It is unclear whether Yorinobu intended to kill his father, but their discussion in his hotel room quickly turned sour and resulted in Yorinobu strangling his father to death. This could have been avoided if Saburo had allowed his bodyguard, Goro Takemura, to properly scan the room, as he would have found V and Jackie Welles hiding, but he trusted his son and dismissed Takemura's concerns.

Yorinobu Arasaka

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