Techie (Class)

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Techies are one of three skill trees available to choose from when building V's combat system in Cyberpunk 2077.


Techies are known for their skill in anything technical. Not only can they fix or build almost anything as long as they have the parts, Techies often find themselves performing back-alley medical procedures in a world where medicine and technology are so closely intertwined. Their gadgets and procedures often bring in large sums of money, but this money is likely to be immediately reinvested into more parts; for most people, the items have no use for a Techie's project, but the Techie has already thought of countless possibilities.


Currently, very little is known beyond the assumed playstyle of the class. Playing as a Techie will involve building and making use of their inventions, upgrading gear and items, as well as creating companions, such as robots and turrets.