Tarot Cards

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There are 20 Tarot Cards for players to find around Night City, with each symbolising a different part of life. You can explore the meaning of each Tarot Card by reading the descriptions after you find them or going to Misty for a Tarot reading.

Dreamcatcher above V's bed

Each of the cards is marked on the map and finding all of them will complete the objective of Fool on the Hill, but there is no real reward beyond a trophy or achievement, depending on your platform. You will also get a dream catcher above your bed in the apartment, but it is barely noticeable, given the lack of time spent in the apartment.

This currently does not seem to appear in any of the alternative homes for V, such as those of Judy or the Nomad camp. It will only appear in the main apartment for V in Watson.

Finding Tarot Cards

After you find a Tarot Card on the map and reach the location, it will be indicated on your mini-map. You do not need to go up close to the card - instead, you can simply scan the card from afar and, once it has completed scanning, it will be added to your Tarot journal, where you can read about it.

List of Tarot Cards

The Tarot Cards can currently be found in the following zones, in order of the number of cards:


  • Hanged Man
  • The Emperor
  • The Magician
  • The Sun
  • The Fool
  • The World
  • The Chariot
  • The Empress


  • The Hierophant
  • The Lovers (code for door is 0000)
  • The Moon
  • Temperance


  • The High Priestess
  • Death

Santo Domingo

  • Justice
  • Strength


  • The Star
  • The Wheel of Fortune

City Center

  • The Tower


  • The Hermit

The Devil and Judgement Tarot Cards

These two cards are not included in the standard 20 you find around the city and can only be found during different endings of the game.


If you follow Rogue's ending, where you ally with her and follow her plan, you can find the Judgement card on the pillars in the room where you fight Adam Smasher.

If you find yourself in this room with any other ending, it will not spawn.

The Devil

This card will appear if you go through with the ending where you accept Hanako Arasaka's offer and end up on the moon, being tested and treated. When you break the Rubik's Cube, you will see the Devil appear (this is a jumpscare).