Solo (Class)

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Solos are one of three skill trees available to choose from when building V's combat system in Cyberpunk 2077.


Solos are soldiers hired to fulfill whatever role their new boss requires of them, whether it is as an assassin, bodyguard or mercenary. They have incredibly advanced combat abilities and training (most Solos have served in some branch of the military), so they are perfectly suited to any combat situation they find themselves in. They are said to have an incredible capacity for avoiding harm, whether in the form of direct combat or stealthy threats, such as traps.


Currently, very little is known beyond the assumed playstyle of the class, but below is some of the information we already know from the gameplay previews.

V's Mantis Blades
Mantis Blades
These large blades retract into your arms and can be used as a deadly melee weapon.
Double Jump
Solos are able to double jump.
Solos are able to dash to the side quickly.
Solos can run along walls, hang onto to them with their Mantis Blades, and perform executions from the walls using their blades.