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Santo Domingo is one of the oldest districts in Night City and, despite the destruction across the city caused by the 4th Corporate War, it avoided any major damage. Due to this, it became a haven and provisional camp for the thousands of citizens seeking shelter after the war.


The camps built for citizens after the 4th Corporate War are gone and, in their place, corporations use Santo Domingo as a breeding ground for new industrial projects. Older factories are demolished relentlessly, only to be replaced by a new one shortly after.

Arroyo, the industrial heart of the area, is a sprawling mass of contrast, where you can find old nuclear power plants and junkyards sitting right next to a brand-new, high-tech corporate facility. The factories that are still operational have their own private security, as buildings that are either neglected or left undefended often find their way into the hands of gangs.

The workers that commute to Arroyo generally live in Rancho Coronado, a housing district filled with identical houses that parallels the old American suburbs from the middle of the 20th century.

Gangs in Santo Domingo

The citizens living in Santo Domingo can barely afford to live, scraping together what they can to live in over-populated megabuildings. This level of living standards was what bred the creation of the 6th Street gang from groups of ex-military fighters.


Santo Domingo

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