Saburo Arasaka

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Saburo Arasaka is the former head of the Arasaka Corporation and father of Yorinobu Arasaka and Hanako Arasaka. He can normally be seen with his personal bodyguard, Goro Takemura.

In-Game Bio

CEO of the Arasaka Corporation. After elevating his father's Japanese company out of relative obscurity to become a global powerhouse, Saburo is now widely regarded as the founder of the Arasaka empire. This former Japanese Imperial Navy pilot transformed into the ruthless businessman who now stands at the helm of the world's largest arms manufacturer. He is a man who, for decades, has been rumored to be able to force even the most cold-blooded assassins to commit suicide at his command, which may say as much about his virtually absolute rule as it does his extraordinarily prolonged lifespan.

Saburo Arasaka