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Quickhacks allow players that are specialised in Netrunning to quickly hack their enemies mid-fight, allowing them to either find vulnerabilities and information, or to capitalise on a tech-opening to kill their enemy.


Cyberdecks unlock Netrunner abilities that allow the user to quickhack people and devices as well as breach into networks. Each cyberdeck comes with a base set of pre-installed quickhacks, a limited number of slots for equipped quickhacks and a certain amount of RAM which is required to execute them. Different cyberdeck models can vary in terms of their stats and power. Higher quality decks are able to perform more advanced quickhacks.

Cyberdeck RAM

RAM is a resource used when performing quickhacks. When you upload a quickhack to an enemy or device, it uses up a certain amount of RAM units. A quickhack's RAM cost can be altered in different ways, such as certain cyberware abilities, Perks and differences in level. Used RAM recovers outside of combat. Your maximum RAM can be increased with a higher Intelligence Attribute, certain cyberware abilities and Perks as well as by equipping a higher-quality cyberdeck.

Breach Protocol

Every cyberdeck comes with Breach Protocol pre-installed, which gives it the ability to penetrate networks and upload powerful programs called daemons that can infiltrate all connected enemies and devices.

Every cyberdeck also comes pre-installed with the ICEpick daemon. Uploading it successfully via Breach Protocol will decrease the RAM cost of all quickhacks used on enemies and devices connected to the network.

New, powerful daemons can be unlocked in the Breach Protocol Skill tree.

Breach Protocol cannot be initiated without a cyberdeck equipped.

Access Points

Access Points are physical ports through which it is possible to access the local network. They can be found by exploring your surroundings or by performing the Ping quickhack on a device or person connected to the same network.

Successfully uploading a Datamine daemon into an Access Point by using the Breach Protocol will grant you money, quickhack crafting components or sometimes even an entirely new quickhack.