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Pacifica was once intended to be the holiday destination of Night City, catering to the corporate employees with enough money to visit and tourists from outside of the city; there were promises of sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and so much more, but financial uncertainity led to nothing but ruin.


Global uncertainty in the financial markets struck the plans for Pacifica when corporate investors pulled their funding; the project collapsed as construction came to a halt, with the area filled with unfinished buildings left to stand as empty shells. Instead of the tourists that were meant to arrive, the empty buildings were taken over by gangs.

Gangs in Pacifica

The main gang within Pacifica is the Voodoo Boys, a group of netrunners with their main base in the area. Originally coming from the Haitian community in Night City, who settled here after their homeland was ravaged by a natural disaster, they saw it as their burden and task to protect the locals from the NCPD.



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