Netrunner (Class)

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Netrunners are one of three skill trees available to choose from when building V's combat system in Cyberpunk 2077.


Netrunners function as the embodiment of Net fanatics, preferring to expand their abilities and break the realm of possibility within the Net, rather than live within the constraints of reality. Using a variety of implants, they scour the Net looking for any information they can sell on or systems they can break into. While everyone can access the Net, Netrunners have the ability to find and decipher the most valuable information in the swathe of useless bloat and ensure that it is used to their best advantage, whether financially or otherwise.


Currently, very little is known beyond the assumed playstyle of the class. It will feature a stealthy approach to playing V, with hacking and bypassing encryption as staple skills for Netrunners.

Despite the focus on stealth within the Netrunner class, there are still aggressive abilities in the tree, allowing for a much more combatative playstyle, if the player wishes to.