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Militech International Armaments is one of the largest, most powerful corporations in the world.

Members of the Militech

Known mainly in the NUSA for their support of the federal government, they provide both manpower and arms to the regime, including weapons and specialist military gear. Militech's contract for the NUSA is controversial in some political circles: Militech has been accused of attempting to create a monopoly, while the clear connections between former Militech CEO and current NUSA president Rosalind Myers and the corporation's board have only exacerbated corporate and diplomatic tensions.

Militech also operates in the private sector, providing security as well as defensive and offensive combat services. The corporation offers clients the latest equipment, skilled staff and trained, well-equipped agents to get the job done. In addition, the megacorp also develops and produces its own firearms, drones, implants, even vehicles suitable for land, air and sea combat.

Militech Products in Cyberpunk 2077

Given their presence within the arms industries, players will have the option of using multiple Militech firearms and vehicles.




Weapons Manufacturing
Military Vehicle Manufacturing
Weapons and Security Training