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Judy Alvarez is one of the top braindance technicians in Night City, respected by those who know her name for her exceptional skills and innovative capabilities.

In-Game Bio

One of braindance's most gifted editors and a skilled techie. If she wanted to, she could get hired at any corpo entertainment studio and make bank, but Judy values her independence too much to sell out - she rejects every offer that comes her way. Her anarchist spirit drew her to the Mox in the hope that they could improve the lives of people in Night City. Her biggest flaw is that she can't keep her mouth shut in the face of injustice - something that always gets her in trouble. For some, though, it's her greatest virtue.


Becoming a BD Technician

Judy always had a Techie streak when she was younger and, when she first felt a virtu, she realised that she could make it better than it was. She attempted her first edit and, after realising her talent for it, she continued to grow her expertise. She stuck with working in the smut industry because of the money to be made, especially with her reputation for quality. She uses actors that enjoy their work, meaning real emotion is being felt throughout her work, rather than having to try fake it.

Joining The Mox

Judy joined The Mox because she felt that the gang had the opportunity to change things in Night City, but the city itself is too big for one gang to change. She still holds on to the fact that, while they didn't necessarily succeed in overhauling the city, there were a number of joytoys whose lives are now better thanks to The Mox.

Scuba Diving and Laguna Bend

Judy is an enthusiastic scuba diver and, as shown by the doodles all over her walls of people in scuba gear, it is clearly more than just a hobby. If you choose to romance Judy as female V, you will play through a scuba diving mission which fully reveals why Judy has always been so intent on mastering the sport.

Her hometown, Laguna Bend, was bought out by a company so that it could be converted into a reservoir. This meant the entire town was forced to move out and find another place to live, with Judy moving with her grandparents moving to Night City. During the mission Pyramid Song, you are invited by Judy to the outskirts of Night City, where you will go diving with her.

She quickly reveals that this is her hometown, completely submerged by the reservoir, but almost entirely preserved by the water. When exploring the town with her, V is able to scan multiple items to find more information and, due to the calibration between you and Judy, you also will experience some of her memories growing up, such as hearing the voices of the children whose toys you found.


She currently works for The Mox at Lizzie's Bar as their Braindance technician and editor.

Relationship with Judy

Judy is one of the characters V can have a relationship with, but only if the player is currently using a female voice for their character and a female body type, so that they are classed as a "female" V.

How to Romance Judy

In order to romance Judy, you will need to help her find Evelyn Parker in the Automatic Love quest. Make sure to call her whenever she messages you in order to obtain this quest.

After completing this quest, the romance is fairly easy to advance. All you need to do is do her quests, keep in contact with her, and ensure that you always ask her opinion on what to do when prompted. Follow whatever she says and, eventually, you will end up with the quest Pyramid Song, where Judy takes you diving.

This is the marker for the start of the romance and is the first time when you can truly ruin your chances with Judy. Show interest in the mission and, when prompted, "Touch" her. This will begin the romance, but there is still 1 chance to ruin it: the next morning, when asked about the previous night, tell her that it was the start of something amazing.

This will solidify the relationship with Judy and unlock the possibility for endings with her. This will also unlock her apartment for V to use.

Getting a Good Ending with Judy

In order to get a good ending with Judy, you have to complete all of Panam's sidequests, so that she accompanies you into Arasaka Tower. When confronted with the choice, choose to go back into your body, rather than letting Johnny take it over, and you will end up with the best possible ending with Judy.

Judy's Apartment

After romancing Judy, you will be given access to her apartment, to use it as another stash-access option. Judy will also always be waiting for you in the apartment, should you wish to talk with her. You can find her apartment in Watson, near the border of Kabuki and Northside.

Judy's apartment in Watson.

There is little to do in the apartment once you have completed all of Judy's missions, outside of using it to access your stash or use her PC - you cannot shower, sleep, or access the vending machine in her apartment.

Judy's PC

If you have completed all of her missions, the files and emails on Judy's PC show some more information about her, especially in relation to her reputation as a BD technician, as well as how she is dealing with the death of Evelyn Parker.

Evelyn Parker

There are a number of emails between Evelyn and Judy, which all open up more information about their relationship and the lead up to Evelyn's death.

"I fucked up"

Hey Jude,

Sorry about earlier today. I was pissed at Susie and you took the flak for it.


I know you. Know how you work. But you played the wrong hand.


I know :P


Talk to her again once you're both chilled. I'm sure it'll be fine.


I doubt it.

Hey Ev,

I'm looking for a BD actor - client wants as little chrome as possible. Age doesn't matter. Know anyone who'd be up for it? Eddies aren't spectacular, but they're not terrible either.


I'll ask.


That's it? Two words? Everything alright?


I dunno, Judy. Everything's been nagging at me lately.

Starting to think I wasn't made for this. Sleazy clients, porn, piss-poor conditions, shitty eddies.

Wasn't meant to turn out like this. We deserve more, don't we?

Heeeey, it's been like a thousand years since we saw each other! What's up with you, gurl? You still cooped up in Susie's basement? Still with Maiko? Hoping at least one of those things isn't true anymore.

Soooo I've got a tiny favor to ask... OK, it's more like a humongous favor. Super important to me, but should be a breeze for a geek like you. Holler back at me!


Hey Ev,

Mind straight up telling me what's going on? This got anything to do with your previous messages? And yes, one of those things isn't true anymore.


I need you to scroll a virtu for me. That's it, I promise. In exchange, I'll make sure you don't haave to do anything for the rest of your life but art. Let's just meet, OK? Where can I find you these days?


Susie's basement.
"Please forgive me"

This message is not an email, but is instead a file saved on the PC; Judy most likely wrote this as part of her process in grieving the death of Evelyn.

Ugh, Evie.

I can't believe you're not here anymore.

I regret everything I did. And everything I didn't do. Why did I help you with the braindance?!

Why did I let this gonk heist happen?

Why didn't I see what you were up to until it was too late?

Why didn't I protect you?

I let you down and I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life.

Sydney Roberts

Sydney Roberts seems to be a lawyer who Judy tries to hire to take on a case for her; when she was younger, she was given an "unlawful juvenile detention" and is seeking compensation for it.


I'd like to explore my options about an unlawful juvenile detention when I was sixteen years old.

I'm pretty sure I'm owed some kind of compensation. I'm looking for a lawyer who can take on this case for 10% of the awarded sum.


Hello, can you please provide more details? How are you so sure the sentence was unlawful?


I was convicted for stealing a fire truck and for the illegal use of property belonging to the fire department. Except I didn't steal that truck, I found it in a scrapyard and fixed it up. It took me half a year, but when I was done it looked better than factory new.

They busted me on my first ride. Nobody believed me that I didn't steal it.


Winning compensation from the city council is extremely difficult and in my opinion not worth the trouble.


So you don't believe me either. Thanks for nothing.

Job Offers

Judy was sent 2 job offers via email, one from Rajeev Roy at Singhad Studios, the company she has a poster from, and the other from Nichole Wons at Channel N54, the news outlet. She declined both job offers.

"Work with us, Judy!"


We're one of the biggest movie production studios in the world. We'd like to offer you the chance to work in a young, dynamic team with flexible working conditions and the chance to create an eye-popping portfolio.

Best wishes,

Rajeev Roy


Stop messaging me.
"Working with us"


We're the biggest TV broadcast channel in NC. Some of your BDs recently fell into our lap and we're really impressed. We'd like to offer you the chance to work in a young, dynamic team of artists like yourself, with flexible working conditions and the chance to create an eye-popping portfolio. Let us know what you think!

Best wishes,

Nichole Wons


Hi Judy,

Did you receive my last message? We'd really like you to consider our offer.


I assumed no answer was enough?


Hi Judy,

Of course, I understand. Let us know if you change your mind.


The walls of Judy's apartment are covered in doodles of stick figures in scuba gear, along with a massive piece of artwork that depicts a blue octopus. Judging by the emails and conversations between Judy and Eveleyn, we can assume that Judy drew this herself, as she is a talented artist.

She also has a fish tank in the centre of the apartment, with a number of smaller fish inside.


In her bedroom, Judy has a piece of artwork from the band Perilous Futur, an Electropunk band. There are also a number of posters from clubs around Night City, such as Riot and Below Deck.

Posters on Judy's wall.

She also has a poster from Divide by Zero, a film from Singhad Studios, one of the companies that got in touch with Judy to offer her a job, given her talents as a BD technician.

Job Appearances


Nothin' happened, you're alive and well.

His own choomba shot 'im. Probably planned to all along. Musta got a nice slice of cred on the black market for a BD like this.

Judy Alvarez

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