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Johnny Silverhand is one of the main characters in Cyberpunk 2077, despite having died almost 60 years before. His engram is on the Relic which is inside V's head and V constantly talks to Johnny via the biochip.

In-Game Bio

They say you can become a legendary rockerboy without all the sex and drugs, the manic depression, run-ins with the law and one toxic relationship after another. But Johnny Silverhand's old school.

Frontman for Samurai, charismatic visionary, rebel with a cause, sworn enemy of corporations (but especially Arasaka) and the mind behind the cult singles "Chippin' In" and "Never Fade Away" - currently residing in V's brain as a digitized tenant.

Silverhand met his demise during the attack on Arasaka Tower after getting shot by Adam Smasher and subsequently flatlined by Soulkiller. But some rockerboys never really die. Point in case - Silverhand's personality construct was kept in Arasaka's labs for decades before it landed on a prototype biochip called the Relic, which - following a series of unexpected events - ended up in V's brain. If you think spending eternity in a cyberspace prison is worse than sharing your headspace with a complete stranger, you'd be dead wrong. For an egomaniac and narcissist like Johnny, it's a living hell.

Arasaka HQ Bombing

The only undisputable fact in this story is the date, 20th August, 2023 - the day a nuclear explosion obliterated Corpo Plaza and a large chunk of City Center.

The rest is pure speculation, gossip, lies and conspiracy theories, all the way from the number of casualties to those responsible for the attack. The most famous version - widely disseminated by corporate PR machines and trickled down through the media - tells of an unidentified terrorist group that was responsible for an armed assault on Arasaka Tower followed by the explosion. But does anyone really take corporate press releases seriously anymore? Take some of the more intriguing theories circulating on the streets today - that it was an inside job in an attempt to escalate the conflict between Arasaka and Militech followed by an elaborately orchestrated cover-up, or the results of a failed experiment that spiraled out of control in a secret lab somewhere under Arasaka Tower.

How much of it is true? Most likely we'll never find out, and even if we did, it wouldn't bring back the victims of the tragedy.


Johnny is known as an anarchist and a terrorist, but this is somewhat misplaced. In reality, his hatred for the corruption sweeping through the USA and the "death" of his girlfriend are what forged his hatred for the government and Arasaka.

He is aggressive, has little to no care about the people around him, and has only one goal in mind when we meet him: bringing down Arasaka. Initially, he sees V as a pawn, a tool to get what he wants, but he eventually begins to care for V, helping them to make the right decisions and avoid trouble.

His over-cautious approach to anyone related to a corporation does get in V's way though, trying to prevent them from making useful choices simply because the benefit would come from Arasaka.



Johnny dislikes anyone related to corporations, so he naturally dislikes and recommends against any partnership with Hanako Arasaka, as well as constantly speak out against Goro Takemura.


Rogue was once a friend of Johnny's, working with him on the Arasaka HQ bombings, but it is clear that there is more to their friendship that just work.

Players can allow Johnny to "take over" before heading to the final mission, which results in Johnny going on a date with Rogue and having sex with her.

Alt Cunningham

Alt was the girlfriend of Johnny back when he was alive, but her incredible Netrunning skills made her a target for Arasaka. She was kidnapped while with Johnny by the corporation and forced to recreate the Soulkiller program. Johnny led a raid on the HQ in 2013, hoping to rescue her, but left only with her lifeless body.

The death of Alt was what drove Johnny's hatred against Arasaka for so many years.

Mission Appearances

Johnny appears in almost every main mission in the game post-Act 1, due to him constantly being by V's side.

Johnny Silverhand

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