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Jackie Welles is a character in Cyberpunk 2077 and, depending on your choices, a close friend of V.

In-Game Bio

A proud son of Heywood and an even prouder son of Mama Welles. Jackie's stubborn - when he wants something, he won't stop (or shut up about it) until he gets his hands on it. Jackie always wanted a lot out of life - maybe too much.

As a teenager, he joined the Valentinos gang, but realizing how much he was capable of - he quit. For years he hustled through the unforgiving world of mercwork, because you need more than a go-getter attitude to sit at the big boys' table - you need street cred. Jackie's life goal has always been to become a legend at the Afterlife and make a heap of eddies along the way.



Depending on the lifepath chosen, it seems that V and Jackie had an extremely strong friendship, especially when the Corpo path is taken. Regardless of choice, the same montage is shown after the prologue, in which Jackie and V bond in the time they spend together; this is even true for the Nomad and Streetkid paths where, for example in the Nomad prologue, V only meets Jackie for the first time for a job.


Jackie and Misty are dating throughout the start of Cyberpunk 2077, with Jackie asking V to have their car so that he can take Misty on a date during the first mission, The Rescue. After his death, Misty speaks with V about their relationship, hinting that it goes back as far as when Jackie first joined the Valentinos and Misty took him up to the roof to talk about it.

Quest Appearances

Regardless of which path you choose for V, Jackie plays a major role in the prologue of all 3 life-paths, either as a friend or foe.

He is also your main partner for The Heist mission, where he dies after being badly injured during your escape.



Can't move on your culo. Makes you an easy target.

Jackie Welles

Valentinos (former gang)