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The Heywood District is truly an area of stark financial constrast, due to its proximity to the City Center. To the north, closer to the City Center, you can find modern skyscrapers and beautiful parks, but as you venture further south, you can find yourself quickly entering heavily populated gang areas belonging to the Valentinos and 6th Street gangs.


Known as the "biggest bedroom in Night City", Heywood is home to most of Night City's inhabitants. To the north, you have the homes of many of the corporate employees and agents who work in the City Center, as well as the odd normal citizen that is lucky enough to score a home there. For those living in the south, while it may not be perfect, they are just thankful to have a home in Heywood, rather than Pacifica or the Badlands.

Wellsprings is the safest part of Heywood, while Vista Del Ray is the polar opposite - it is extremely poor, with little to no investment, a rapidly rising crime rate, and a growing gang population.

Night City Government in Heywood

The local government for Night City is based in Glen, in Heywood. After the corporations essentially took over the city, they were forced to move to Heywood and have now declared Glen as a state-owned subdistrict of the area. They have a town hall, mayor's office, court, and even a Night City Police Department station.

Gangs in Heywood

The southern parts of Heywood are controlled by two main gangs: the Valentinos and 6th Street gangs. Generally, if you stay out of their business, keep your head down, and concentrate on your own life, they are said to be some of the safer gangs to live around, but they still have the capability to be as deadly as any other gang in Night City.



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