Hanako Arasaka

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Hanako Arasaka is the daughter of the former head of the Arasaka Corporation, Saburo Arasaka.

In-Game Bio

Daughter of Saburo Arasaka and one of the most enigmatic figures in the Arasaka Corporation. Her past is shrouded in secrecy and closely guarded by a team of lawyers prepared to torpedo any journalistic inquiry into her life. The predominant theory about her early life suggests that she was forbidden from leaving the family's residence near Tokyo until she came of age.

Only her skills as a netrunner kept Hanako from becoming completely cut off from the outside world. Many also believe that she helped her brother, Yorinobu, return to the family fold after his infamous rebellion came to a fruitless halt.

Although Hanako has never held any official position Svithin the company, the buzz around her involvement in behind-the-scenes corporate scheming continues to show. That said, separating truth from speculation remains nearly impossible. Rumors about Hanako Arasaka never last long. And neither do the people who spread them.

Hanako Arasaka