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Evelyn Parker, a worker at the Doll House, dreamt of becoming a professional actress, but her intended short stay at the Doll House quickly became a permanent feature of her life.

In-Game Bio

Evelyn is a beautiful enigma. At first glance, she's nothing but riddles and contradictions: while Evelyn looks like a high-ranking corpo, she arranges a meeting in some streetgang dive bar. She seems to be a rich, worldly woman, but she rounds up a rag-tag bunch of rookie mercs to swipe something for her. Humorous and charming, yet she drives a hard bargain. Puts her faith in professionals, but still wants to pull all the strings.

When it comes to Evelyn, only one thing is certain: tread carefully. Her beauty, cunning and fierce determination are a volatile mix.


Evelyn's true affiliation is a mixed bag, but players find out that she is working with the Voodoo Boys to steal the biochip from the Arasaka corporation. She is good friends with the girls in The Mox, including Judy Alvarez, but it is unclear how affiliated she is with the gang.

Her job at the Doll House also indicates some affiliation with the Tyger Claws, but the extent of this relationship is never discovered.

In-game, she is listed as having no affiliation.

Quest Appearances

The Information

Evelyn is the client working with Dexter DeShawn to contract V and Jackie Welles to steal the Relic from the Arasaka corporation.

V first meets her at Lizzie's Bar, a bar belonging to The Mox and home to their star braindance technician, Judy Alvarez. Evelyn offers a braindance through her latest meeting with Yorinobu Arasaka, in which players are able to locate the biochip by looking for a storage area with suitable temperature readings.

After V finishes analysing the braindance and has all of the information they need, with the help of Judy and T-Bug, Evelyn wants to speak to V in private. She offers V the opportunity to bring her the Relic directly, cutting Dexter out completely, but refuses to say why she needs it or who she needs it for.

Automatic Love

Evelyn has been taken back to the Doll House and, after some help from Judy, V has to go in and retrieve her. With the help of another worker there, Tom, V finds that Evelyn was "attacked by a client" and then sent off to a ripperdoc to be fixed up.

It is revealed that the ripperdoc Evelyn was sent to, Fingers, is known for treating his patients terribly. After heading to his practice and forcing information out of him, V learns that Evelyn has been sold off to be used in horrendous braindance films, where the people filmed are hurt, abused, and killed.

Evelyn Parker