Dexter DeShawn

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Dexter DeShawn is a character in Cyberpunk 2077. He helps to set up the job for V to steal the biochip from the Arasaka Corporation.

In-Game Bio

Dex never shot hoops, jumped roofs, or pulled a trigger. Likewise, he never felt the need to plant his fat ass in a netrunner's chair or splice cables in a sooty garage. Wait, never pulled a trigger? Yes, that's right, Dex never repped lead in his entire life. People - that's what Dex was good at. Dex is one of the biggest fixers in Night City. He's a pretty big deal, both literally and figuratively. Word on the street is that there were complications from his last job, but that's just the nature of biz, ain't it? Besides, when someone like Dexter DeShawn has a gig for you, you don't ask questions - you just shake on it.

Dexter DeShawn