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Welcome to the Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki, a series of pages detailing everything we currently know about the adaption of Mike Pondsmith's tabletop RPG, Cyberpunk 2020, by CD Projekt. The website is currently a work in progress, but updates will be coming regularly.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person Action-Adventure game in which players take on the role of V, a mercenary who can be formed into a number of possible appearances, backstories, and comes with a wide variety of combat techniques and weapons to be learnt and improved upon.


The game is set in Night City, a bustling metropolis in the Free State of California; it is divided into 6 districts, each of which has its own ruling gang or class, as well as a designated "use" for that area. Players take on the role of V, a mercenary who has to work to survive in Night City.


Depending on which character background you choose for V, the game itself plays differently, but the end of the prologue appears to be the same, regardless of your background choice: liaise with Jackie Welles and get into trouble with the Arasaka Corporation.

Once you finish the prologue, the game follows V's struggle with the biochip and the journey they undertake to try and solve the problem before they are killed by it, being replaced by Johnny Silverhand.

Backgrounds for V

Depending on the choice of the player, V enters the world with one of three potential backgrounds, which in turn influence the way you play and experience the game.

Corporate Nomad Street Kid

Areas of Night City

A predominantly Asian area that is now filled with immigrants.
City Center
Mostly filled with wealthy corporations and their headquarters.
Living quarters for the extremely wealthy and is therefore heavily guarded.
Night City
A suburban housing district for those who are not wealthy enough for Westbrook, but still live with a strong undertone of gang violence and activity.
A district that is so overrun by poverty and gangs that it borders on being abandoned.
Santo Domingo
The most industrial part of the city, featuring countless factories and other buildings.


Cyberpunk 2077 plays as a role-playing game in which players can influence their experience based on the choices they make in game, such as the class or background they choose for V.

The class systems work slightly differently than before, no longer giving you a choice of a specific class, such as Netrunner, but instead allowing you to build up attribute and skill points for a certain playstyle, such as a melee brawler using Gorilla Fists or a stealth hacker relying on your intelligence and netrunning skills.

The way you play the game is up to you once you complete the first Act, allowing you free reign of which missions you want to complete and for who, but in order to progress through the main story of the game, you will need to follow the main questline.


Combat takes the form of a first-person shooter, combined with huge amounts of additional weaponry beyond simply guns; depending on their choices, players can opt for a stealth-oriented or fully melee playstyle, among many other choices.

Note that you are not locked into a single class when playing Cyberpunk 2077; there is a fluid class system in place, which allows you to take traits and abilities from varying trees, depending on what you need. You can take certain traits that, while normally would be taken to support a stealth-oriented playstyle, can make your inital melee attacks far more powerful for a one-shot brawler build.


Players have access to a long list of vehicles, all of which can be driven around Night City; driving also allows players to use the third-person perspective, something that cannot be done during combat.

While you can hijack cars from pedestrians, you have a library of cars that will come at your call, meeting you in almost every location (outside). You can expand this by buying more cars.


The game released to positive reviews from critics for the PC version, but the console reviews were overwhelmingly negative, due to countless performance issues and bugs.

The overall community reception is somewhat positive to the game itself, but the release version is plagued by technical issues, with countless visual bugs and an underdelivery on "promised" features. The game has been changed by CDPR from an RPG to an Action-Adventure game, mainly due to the lack of RPG-features within.

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