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The City Center is the most important corporate hub of Night City, as it is home to the headquarters of countless corporations, such as Arasaka, Militech, Petrochem, and more.


The City Center was previously nothing more than a smoldering battlefield after the nuclear attack on Arasaka Tower, which took place in the 4th Corporate War. It took nearly 40 years of restoration and countless amounts of money to be poured into the City Center before it finally was restored to its former glory.

It is now an extremely secure and fortified powerhouse of megacorp influence, with almost every rich and overworked citizen taking up their home here, surrounded by cutting-edge architecture and technology.

Despite the presence of the corporations here, the City Center is by no means a safe place for the unaware. You can easily turn down the wrong alley and find yourself faced with dive bars, drug dealers, gang members, or worse.

Corporations in City Center

The Corpo Plaza is home to the headquarters of Night City's most powerful megacorporations, including Arasaka, Militech, Biotechnica, Petrochem, and Kang Tao. Their influence is felt here in the City Center more than anywhere else in Night City, with the nearby Downtown area filled to the brim with their employees socialising with influential celebrities.


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