Character Creation

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The character creation in Cyberpunk 2077 gives players a huge amount of freedom in the choices they wish to make, allowing you to choose to create V in almost whatever image you want.


Character creation starts with choosing the difficulty you want to play in: Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard. You can change the difficulty as you play, so your choice here is not very consequential.

Difficulty selection screen

Lifepath Choices

The second thing you will need to pick is your Lifepath for V, with 3 options being available:

Corporate Nomad Street Kid

This choice will impact the conversations and relationships you will have throughout the game, with different Lifepaths having different bonuses.

Lifepath selection screen

For example, if you choose to take Corpo, you will be given additional conversation choices when discussing anything related to the Arasaka, sometimes even giving you additional information that is pertinent to a mission or to the overall lore of the game.

The choice you make here will also dictate the first hour of gameplay you play through in the prologue, with each having a completely different mission to begin with.

Character Customisation

After choosing a Lifepath, players will be able to customise V's appearance, choosing either a male or female base. You are not restricted to one gender, however, being able to freely choose between a male or female voice, body, and genitalia. You can choose from preset appearances on the left side, as well as a appearance randomiser, and then customise from there.


Beyond the basic customisation choices expected in an RPG, players are able to add a number of additional customisation options, including Cyberware (aesthetic-only), scarring, metallic teeth, and more.

Attribute Points

Once you have chosen your appearance, you will be given the option to spend your attribute points, with 5 categories being available.

Attribute Points Screen

Each attribute starts with a base of 3 points and, regardless of your Lifepath choices, you will have 7 additional points to spend. The attributes all give you bonuses, such as increased Health or Stamina.

Attributes clearly line up with certain playstyles, with Cool working well for Stealth-focused playthroughs, while Body is more focused on close-combat melee play.

You can find all of the effects of each attribute below.

Attribute Effect Gameplay Style
Body + HP
+ Stamina
+ Fist and Gorilla Arm damage
+ Melee Weapon damage
- Movement Penalty on grab and HMGs
+ Movement on grapple and duration
Allows you to force open doors
Intelligence + Cyberdeck RAM capacity
+ Quickhack damage
+ Quickhack duration
Reflexes + Movement speed
+ Evasion
+ Crit Chance
+ Mantis Blade damage
Fast Melee
Technical Ability + Armor
Allows use of Tech weapons
Allows you to open doors
Cool + Crit Damage
+ All Resist
+ Stealth damage
- Stealth Detection rate by enemies
+ Monowire Damage

Biometric Profile

Biometric Profile

After you have made your choices with attribute points, you will be directed to the finalisation screen, which summarises your choices in a biometric profile for V. You will also see the summary of your Lifepath's story and the fingerprint of V.

Confirming your choices will complete the process and send you into the game.