Body (Attribute)

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Body is one of the 5 core Attributes your character can develop. As with all of the other attributes, Body always starts at level 3 and caps at level 20.

Placing points into Body will allow you to unlock Perks in the Body Skills, which are:

  • Athletics, which focuses on increased movement in combat, better use of Stamina, and stronger armor and resistances.
  • Annihilation, which focuses on increasing utility and damage dealt when using Shotguns and HMGs.
  • Street Brawler, which focuses on increasing damage dealt with your fists and Gorilla Arms.

Attribute Bonuses

Each attribute gives your character bonuses based on its focus; Body focuses on physical power. In addition to gaining the ability to force open doors and hijack cars, V will gain the following for every attribute point invested into Body (started at level 3):

  • + 5 HP
  • + 3 Stamina
  • + 3 damage with fists and Gorilla Arms
  • + 1.5% melee weapon damage
  • - 6% movement penalty when using an HMG or Defender, or when grappling an enemy
  • Increased movement when grappling and duration of grapple by 5 seconds