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The Badlands surround Night City, encompassing the vast desert plains populated by the Nomads. Compared to the Badlands, the city itself is like a lush oasis.


The Badlands are split into three main areas, to the north, south, and east. The northern areas are filled with derelict oilfields and resource extraction plants. To the east, there is little more than wastelands, forged by countless years of corporate chemical pollution. Finally, to the south, you can find what appear to be more peaceful desert plains, with the Biotechnica farms dotted throughout the area, but it is anything but friendly. The unitiated will quickly find themselves at the mercy of violent gangs and security groups if they are not well prepared.

Gangs in the Badlands

The Badlands are mainly inhabited by the Nomads, but gang activity is still rife in the area; the Wraiths, a gang built by exiles, are known for their constant interference in corporate transporation and security in the Badlands. Their reputation has spread through the city and, without an armed escort and personal security, running into them normally spells disaster.



Night City (surrounding area)
Notable Areas
Northern Oilfields
Eastern Wastelands
Southern Desert
Notable Gangs
The Wraiths