Access Points

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Access Points in Cyberpunk 2077 allow you to jack in to a terminal and use it to steal money, materials, and more.

In order to do so, you will need to complete a typical hacking sequence, with the opportunity to get multiple rewards if done correctly.

Access Point Example

Below, you can find an example of an Access Point and the UI you will be presented with.

Example of an access point terminal.

In this example, there are 3 codes that can be aimed for, with varying difficulty.

  • For the 2-choice code, you receive a small amount of loot.
  • For the 3-choice code, you will recieve a moderate amount of loot.
  • For the 4-choice code, you will receive a large amount of loot.

In some cases, you can complete all 3 codes at the same time, but in this example, you can only choose to do the first two together or the final one. This is due to the fact that the final code requires 4 "1C" choices, but the others are not full 1Cs and, as shown above the sequences, you only have 4 choices here.

Players will need to map out a path to obtain 4 1C choices in a row, but you are bound to only move in straight lines when picking your choices. On top of this, the direction of the straight line changes after each choice. In this example, we will have to move horizontally after the first choice, meaning we can start anywhere on the top line.

Example of an access point solution.

The solution to this access point is to the right, starting at green, moving horizontally to blue, moving vertically to purple, and then horiztonally to pink.

It is also important to remember that these points do have a timer on them. As soon as you select your first choice, the timer will begin. If you do not complete all 4 choices in the time given, it will kick you out of the access point.